California Land Surveying and Zoning

If you’re planning to buy real estate, simply finding a plot of land and making an offer is the wrong approach. There are several additional steps that must be taken. The most important step is surveying the land.

Our Surveyors are Educated

Our surveyors can pinpoint boundary measurements to ensure that the plot of land you think you’re purchasing is actually the plot you’re buying. We can also determine if buildings, trees, driveways, fences, sidewalks, and other features lay on the property. If someone else’s building encroaches on the property, we’ll let you know.

We understand wetland regulations, building regulations, and zoning procedures. Our specialists can also offer advice if you need property for a new home. If the land you want has potential problems, our specialists will catch them before you spend your money. Mountainous land is risky because it can be difficult to build on. However, we’ll evaluate the risks so that you won’t have any future problems. Subdividing land is also an option. If you plan to do this, we’ll let you know whether it’s possible or legal.

You should never rely on an old land survey that was provided by the most recent landowner. The survey usually will not state any recent updates to the land. If you use our services, we’ll place permanent markers on the property to setup boundaries.

We highly recommend that you ask your real estate agent for a property profile before you use our services. The profile will contain ownership information, a plat map, a legal description, and tax information. For some individuals, this information could be available online.

Three Reasons Why You Need a Land Surveyor

  1. We can pinpoint gaps, gores, and overlaps.
  2. We can find easements, abandoned roads, and rights-of-way.
  3. Our surveyors will report various water sources, such as ponds and rivers.

The Importance of Land-Use Planning

In rural and urban communities, geography plays a key role during development. We rely on knowledge of an area to determine how growth is managed. Cities around the world are constantly growing, so practicing efficient environmental management skills is important.

Private land that’s used by municipalities is regulated for various reasons. The most common reasons include historic preservation, transportation flow, recreational development, economic development, and environmental and wildlife protection.

Residential communities, businesses, and manufacturers all have unique geographic zones. Businesses are usually built downtown, and manufacturing facilities are commonly built near a port or an interstate. When we design plans for residential clients, we usually focus on areas that are close to commercial zones.

Our specialists understand that the flow of transportation is important to urban areas. This is why we always ensure that all areas have infrastructures that are suitable for future growth before any development begins.

Why Clients Choose Our Company

Although land surveying seems like a safe job, there are several hazardous situations that could occur. We keep our clients safe because we can determine if a site has poisonous plants or wild animals. If you need a plot of land surveyed in a professional manner, contact us today.