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Throughout Northern California, changes in our state’s economy as well as ever changing regulations concerning property use have resulted in the need for a complete and total commitment to thorough engineering design for all types of land development. Environmental concerns over wetland protection, pollution control, and ease-of-access requirements means highly detailed construction plans down to the last minuscule subsections. Failure to comply with these laws and regulations can result in significant delays in construction or other land use plans.

Realm Environmental is a results-based engineering firm that focuses on balancing the needs of the client with the importance of environmental compliance and industrial hygiene. We provide Phase I/ Phase II Environmental Site Assessment ESA reports to evaluate the environmental liability in potential commercial sites. Realm also produces comprehensive Site Health & Safety Plan (SHSP) which detail soil sampling removal plans for contaminated soils. We also provide Pre-Construction Hazardous Materials Assessments (PCHMA). Realm is an industry expert in well siting in addition to Underground Storage Tank Removal (UST). Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) are also in our repertoire of environmental services.

We are an authority on land use planning and construction management plans with expert knowledge on the latest in ecological regulations, energy management, and progressive construction procedures. Serving all of Northern California, including Santa Rosa and the North Bay as well as the greater Sacramento Valley, Realm is committed to the engineering of workable land use plans that incorporate every possible contingency not only for the present, but for decades to come.

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We also offer the latest in alternative energy source implementation, flood control plans and wetland protection, in addition to designs that comply with all easement and variance regulations. Contact us today and begin a relationship with a civil engineering group that truly cares about our Northern California economy as well as our sensitively balanced ecosystem.